Suspended colour planes #1
Original title: Planos de color suspendidos #1
2017 -
Latex paint and glue on felt and cotton
Dimensions: Variable dimensions
Reference: ACF1014
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An artist trained in painting, Bunga reveals how the medium transcends the boundaries of the support and is assimilated into other media. Thus, the corpus of his oeuvre, broad and complex, combines painting, sculpture, architectural interventions and occasionally Performance Art. The free-standing paintings among his latest works are the result of his studies of combinations of colour and matter. In these works, painting acts like a skin over fabrics as diverse as cotton and felt, and reflect the artist's ongoing research into their properties. Not being fastened to a stretcher, his canvases hang from the ceiling like organic surfaces, precarious and fragile, that intervene in space and play with the effects of the spatial superimposition of planes of colour.

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