9 xilografías sobre papel
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Xylography — the technique of printing from wood blocks — has enabled Thomas Schütte to revisit once again the motifs of a series of watercolours he first painted in 1984 in small format and entitled Die Burg [The Castle]. A few months later he reworked the series, increasing its size and applying lacquer to the paper support, and in 2011 he repeated nine of the fifteen original motifs transforming them into monumental woodcuts (250 x 160 cm) characterised by a more graphic and colourful style. These images depict different architectural elements and furnishings of a fictitious castle: a brick wall, a staircase, a door, a table, a double window, a flag, a fireplace, etc. The striking play of textures achieved thanks to the use of a mould made of different types of wood allows the artist to compose images with the different grains of each.

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