Black-and-white film. Original format: XDCAM CineAlta
Dimensions: 93’
Reference: ACF0992
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Y, the first feature film by Dionís Escorsa (Tortosa, Spain, 1970), had its worldwide premiere in 2013 at the Kino der Kunst festival in Munich, curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Made with minimal production values, nonprofessional actors and nothing more than a camera and a computer, the film explores the trauma of the Yugoslav war by using a surreal, dreamlike language to tell a story halfway between fiction and documentary. Escorsa pieces together an audiovisual collage that incorporates different visions of this traumatic war and the scars it has left on the collective memory of a place. Rather than assigning specific roles (victims and executioners, winners and losers), Y reflects the psychological suffering inflicted by this traumatic experience, everything that was lost and the need for physical reconstruction (of the land) and mental reconstruction (of its inhabitants). Disjointed in structure and shaped by the harrowing nightmare of a soldier who returns to find his home in ruins, the film mixes visions and memories of the conflict (bombardments in the woods, dead comrades-in-arms, firing squads…) with premonitions and foresights in the form of a metaphorical image: a tree spreads its roots beneath the rubble of the house (where his father was killed) as its branches reach upwards towards an uncertain future (the birth of his son). After filming the sequences in the Balkans (mainly in Slunj, a Serbian area within Croatia), Escorsa worked on the screenplay to fit the visual pieces together with new transitional scenes filmed in Spain, Italy and Germany. Y has been screened at a number of film festivals, including Festival Xcèntric at the CCCB and Flux Festival at Arts Santa Mònica (both in Barcelona), Cinemad Film Festival in Madrid and the Murcia International Film Festival (IBAFF). In 2014, it won Best Fictional Feature Film Award at El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival in Madrid.

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