The Reader
35 mm slide installation with sound (voiceover read by Lawrence Weiner)
Reference: ACF0981
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Cesarco’s work is driven by a keen interest in narratives and reading strategies. In The Reader the artist alludes to the enigmatic nighttime atmosphere characteristic of film noir—only here there’s no film. Slide projections of texts are accompanied by the voice of conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner reading stock sentences from detective stories. The artist invites spectators to set themselves up as detectives as they listen to the story [“A loud knock on the door”; “Inside, the whiff of discreet adultery”; “They looked around the room with an expression of weariness and disgust”] and simultaneously read texts analysing the genre [“The detective genre is concerned with stories of writing and reading insofar as they are concerned with authoring (crime) and deciphering plots (investigation).”]. But all these budding detectives get is a growing sense of mystery and, try as they might, they will struggle to find a coherent plot. In this piece, Cesarco explores reading conventions and narrative codes while also offering analogies on the role of creators and the world of art. Nimfa Bisbe

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