Untitled (Deserted Flat)
Original title: Sin título (Piso desierto)
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Diptych: 190 x 506 cm
Reference: ACF0913
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Kahrs manipulates photographic images or film stills to the point at which they lose their original meaning. The end result is usually a strange scene that he then paints on canvas. The imprint of the image, however, never ceases to permeate his work, resulting in an ambivalent identity caught between photography and painting. The artist further accentuates this by using a type of frame usually associated with photography. In this piece, Kahrs appropriates the narrative structure of film to paint two sequences from a scene depicting the dark mysterious atmosphere of an empty apartment in ruins. By applying this strategy, he not only manages to have his painting suggest movement, but also conveys the suspense that develops between the two images.

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