Original title: Sin título
Video installation. VHS transferred to DVD (black and white, silent)
Dimensions: 5' 11" Variable dimensions
Reference: ACF0765
Edition: 1/3
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Presented for the first time at Sala Montcada, Fundació "la Caixa", in the season “El yo diverso” (The diverse I), this small format, right-angled video projection relates to two other pieces: two photographs that recall Goya's duel with clubs and a sculpture with silhouettes joined at the waist. The description of the video is as follows: two hands are digging out two holes in the ground and then covering them over, each hand using the earth dug out by the other. That enigmatic action is very beautiful and open to different interpretations. One of them is linked to one of the basic concerns of Cabello and Carceller's career: working together, living together, thinking together; that could be symbolised by the figure of the couple, which was also the nexus of the three visions shown at Sala Montcada in Barcelona. The fiction the artists narrate revolves openly around the way we construct ourselves and the way we are constructed. The hands that appear in the projection are immersed in that task. First, they mark out the territory, then they dig out the earth, they finish the process and start all over again. But there is something curious here, which would tend to confirm what we have said. It seems that everything returns to what it was before, but the earth has changed place and, if we keep on with this continuous task, it will change places over and over again. Every action has its consequences, and all the more so if it is on our immediate environment. The earth could symbolise the most elemental raw material -what we are, our first feelings-, which we act on and on which the nearest person deposits the result of her actions. In that way, like most of Cabello and Carceller's works, the video talks about team work and communal living. Another aspect we should point out is the character of this work in relation to other videos. So, as in the earlier Un beso (A kiss, 1995-1996) or Bollos (Dykes, 1996), this work is characterised by visual and temporal economy. They all show short, concise, and simple, actions, but open to interpretations. That is something both creators have continued in later works on the same support: Una habitación doble (A double room, 1998), Sin título (promesa) (Untitled, promise, 1998) and Sin título (viaje) (Untitled, journey, 1999).

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