Transformation and Dispersal
Glass, fabric, light and electric wire
Dimensions: Variable height: 127 x 107 cm
Reference: ACF0667
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Installation is a word Maggie Cardelús uses for all her exhibitions. Transformation and Dispersal was part of “Installation no. 12”, held at Galería Fúcares in Madrid in 1997. The show consisted of two different pieces and the subject was the autobiographical event of her wedding in 1993. The first work dealt with the public ceremony: photos of the couple, friends and relatives, framed in double glass and supported on sheets of the same material. Stuck on the outer sheet, just above the bride's face and bust, was a glass from the wedding banquet which contained a copy of a photo cut out with a pattern and mounted like a small sculpture. Cardelús calls these kind of cutouts “tagli”. The second piece of the exhibition was Transformation and Dispersal: a large luminous crystal ball spiked with glasses, bowls, bottles, a baby's bottle and other items of crockery used by the guests. The electric current reaches it through a wire that spirals across the ceiling and walls of the room and descends to the sphere. From a hole in the ball the skirt Cardelús wore that day emerges. It is creased and stained with wine. The work recalls the wedding banquet after it is all over. The third and last piece was devoted to the private sphere of conjugal intimacy. Photographs of the bride cut out and mounted inside the wedding glasses, behind which we see the lace curtains and light of a simulated bedroom. Cardelús' pieces can be situated among the works done by women who use memory and their own lives as subject matter. In her case, the memory is a particularly family one. The year after the exhibition, she stated: “Even when I tried to cling on to the memories so that they would remain, I only exposed the futility of the attempt: I showed that each new experience, however insignificant it may appear, alters the order of things, and that meaning is both granted and withheld by the same aim.”

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