Five Revolutionary Seconds VII
Colour photograph on vynil and audio
Dimensions: 118 x 791 cm
Reference: ACF0639
Edition: 3/3
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As the title indicates, Sam Taylor-Wood's camera took five seconds to travel the 360º necessary to capture the image of the interior space of a house and the people within it. The "scenes" that result from these takes are the panoramic photos that stretch almost eight metres and distort the original space, while opening up abysses between the people in the house. The artist associates this image with the sound emitted by two small loudspeakers placed near the photo, which reproduce the noises and silences of the scene in order to reconstruct the sensation produced by seeing a film. This strategy enables the beholder to imagine the relationships between the people and the story of the scene, as if it were a film sequence or a fragmented narrative. The characters in the story, who may be professional or improvised actors, position themselves, waiting for the camera to focus on them as it turns towards them. As a result, there is nothing natural about these photos, starting with the changing perspective itself. Not only are the characters working to create a simulacrum of themselves, but there is also the suspicion that everything in the room is interlinked by an overall narrative that the image proposes to establish, only to dismiss it later. As there is no ending, the narrative remains open to interpretation. When the beholder goes to examine the photos more closely in search of clues, they find a very elaborate staged scene in which a mysterious work is being performed. Sam Taylor-Wood is the stage director: she places the characters in the space and tells them what position to take up. There is no attempt at psychological realism: instead it is the attitudes and interactions of the figures that tell us of the ills in modern-day relationships. There is no explicit criticism, just a certain fatalism that takes pleasure in describing but not solving what is latent: the disjuncture between fantasy and reality.

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