Afrocán II
Dimensions: 94 x 65 x 14 cm
Reference: ACF0554
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Artists have looked to non-Western aesthetic forms throughout the history of contemporary art, deeply defining several crucial moments in the process. From Picasso and Matisse to Henry Moore and Brancusi, artists have turned their attention to ‘other’ paradigms and ways of representing the world at times when formal and existential values underwent a crisis. Simply by virtue of its title, the piece inscribes itself in a reappraisal of a foreign yet recognisable aesthetic culture. The artist reinterprets the mask, which holds a very important place in African tradition, from an abstract point of view as though it were a Cubist portrait travelling immense distances back in time—countless kilometres across countless centuries—to then return and meet the spectator’s gaze as a bridge of sorts to remote eras.

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