Air-padded Table Haunches
Suspended lamps, fluorescent lights, white, carpets, linoleum tiles, two tables, five coffee tables, six floor lamps with shades, acrylic paint and Plasti Dip  
Dimensions: Variable dimensions: 1,000 x 800 cm (approx.)
Reference: ACF0492
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Jessica Stockholder's gaze is painterly. Her paintings assemble a wide range of materials and objects that end up expanding in three-dimensional space. Colour is the essence and unifying element in her oeuvre, and her constant search for chromatic vibrations has led her to construct spectacular installations that confront the aesthetic experience of painting with the temporal experience of moving in space. 'The surfaces of walls and objects are full of pictorial potential. The surface of an object purports to let us know something about its mass. This something is sometimes accurate, or informative about the nature of the thing we are apprehending, and sometimes the surface tells another story entirely — sometimes the surface generates a kind of fiction. It is this possibility, inherent in materiality, to generate fiction that I am enamored with. This interest has fueled my exploration of how paint meets, sticks to, or appears to jump off of, many different kinds of material. The addition of more materials puts pressure on the edges of the frame.'

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