Flower 9
Original title: Flor 9
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 340 x 221.6 cm
Reference: ACF0236
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Sicilia gradually abandoned Neo-Expressionist figurative language for abstraction. His work tends to turn ever more inward, a process of introspection that transforms both his vision of pictorial space and the presence and function of external references; it creates a new system of referents. Flor 9 is a fragmented work, made up of four independent units forming a set, in which the background is structured and organised using the parts that compose it, and the material loses depth. The background still establishes an exchange of energy and emotion with the form, which springs from zones of colour that, although simplified, are still defined by the dripping and density with which the material is applied. In the process of synthesising and refining the colour and motif, the flower loses its representative value and the stalk becomes an independent line that runs through the entire artwork. It becomes the visual element that generates the internal tensions of the space and the constructive rhythm that structures the composition. In this process of abstraction, of reducing the flower to its most essential linear and chromatic values, the part connecting the stalk and the corolla disappears, and the colour of the flower becomes a geometrical form limited by the very edges of one of the supports that make up the quadriptych.

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