Blue Snail
Original title: Caracol azul
Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 195 x 160 cm
Reference: ACF0128
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In Gerardo Delgado's work, thought and emotion are complementary impulses which mark out a vital inner itinerary of permanent questioning. Painting is a tool for reflection and reinterpretation of history and culture, but most of all a medium onto which the concerns of the perceptive spheres can be projected. In his work, those echoes of his architectural training express themselves not so much in aspects of subject or content as in a way of working which is triggered by analysis and rigorous formal development. He transfers the basic problems of construction to an eminently pictorial discourse, where a sensibility originally situated equidistantly between the legacy of Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism, in its more atmospheric root, gradually settles. In this context of ideas and work we can place Caracol azul (1982), which belongs to a long series in which an abstract form (which nevertheless conserves vague figurative reminiscences) takes on a central position in the picture and, drawn or sketched, acts as a counterpoint to an atmospheric space on which it floats. Unlike the earlier series, with a predominance of constructive elements and compact, flat colour fields on which clearly geometrical forms stand out, the works that go to make up the context of Caracol azul suggest the permanent contrast of opposites on which his work is based: ground and form, presence and space or duality in confrontation. The forms are blurred at the edges to imprint a certain fluidity between them and the ground: in spite of the simplicity of the structure, there is a prevailing radical symbolic emotionality which takes shape in them.

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