Tom Carr
Spain, 1956
Tom Carr belongs to a generation of sculptors committed to exploring geometric forms as an artistic language. He has worked in installation, painting, sculpture and Net Art since the 1980s, but has drawn particular attention for his ability to integrate these disciplines in interventions in the public space. It is thanks to this multiplicity of technique—combined with his investigation of elements such as light, shadow and colour—that the artist is able to define space through an ongoing dialogue with his work. In the 1990s he moved away from the architectural references that had characterised his earlier work to create symbolic pieces in the form of cylinders, stars and spirals. Red Helix (1991) is based on minimalist precepts of simplicity and purity of form. The striking presence of the stained wooden helix, light and fragile, expresses the vulnerability of the material while also imbuing the geometrical form with a certain emotional resonance.
Andrea Aguado Alemany

Artworks by the artist included in the Collection Artworks by the artist included in the Collection

  • Red Helix / 1991