Will Faber
Germany, 1901
Germany, 1987
Will Faber (Saarbrücken, 1901 - Barcelona, 1987) left his native Germany in the early thirties at the height of the Nazi fervour. He moved to Barcelona where he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. His covers for the magazine D’Ací i d’Allà and for A.C., a publication by the Group of Spanish Artists and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture [known in Spanish by the acronym GATEPAC] date from this period. In the forties, he settled definitively on Ibiza and developed a body of work in which he combined several influences: Klee and Cubism, Otto Wols and the Futurists, Fauvism and Dadaism, to name a few. He also pursued a painting style influenced by Art Informel, particularly during the fifties and sixties, which was characterised by the use of very varied techniques, from frottage and drip painting to the assemblage of everyday objects. He would subsequently incorporate symbols, lettering and numbers into his work, revealing a certain synthesis of Expressionism and compositional rigour, of plasticity and design.
Valentín Roma

Artworks by the artist included in the Collection Artworks by the artist included in the Collection

  • Fossil / 1963