Alberto Peral
Spain, 1966
Concerned as much with the physicality of the artistic object as its discursive power, Alberto Peral always conceives his work from a sculptural perspective, although this approach often leads to the use of other art forms such as drawing, photography, installation and video. Since his first solo exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona in 1992, he has constantly experimented with forms, inspired by the symbolic and evocative force of matter. The main conceptual drive behind this poetic, minimal approach comes from the subtlety and beauty of simple things. Untitled contains the essential characteristics of his sculpture: an interest in the geometry of cosmic order, the combination of simple materials (in this case, baked clay, enamel glaze and wood) and the emotional search for a different kind of space-time relationship between the work and the spectator.
David Armengol

Artworks by the artist included in the Collection Artworks by the artist included in the Collection

  • Untitled / 1995